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Eco-Friendly Lanyards - Reducing Our Environmental Impact

We all know that the conscious environmental actions we take has an impact on others and our ecosystems and reducing these impacts by recycling, reducing waste and re-using we can contribute to environmental protection. Therefore it is only natural that people would seek products that are compatible with our actions to create a positive effect.

In the case of lanyards the popular choices are nylon products but have you ever considered bamboo (sustainable) or PET (recycling plastic bottles) for your next order?

Since nylon is a type of plastic derived from crude oil, trying to reduce the amount of plastic is one conscious decision that you can take by switching the lanyard material to sustainable, recyclable or recycled. 

Bamboo is more sustainable than plastic because it is fast growing, renewable, absorbs large amounts of CO2 and produces more oxygen than other plants. Bamboo forests can thrive without the use of pesticides and can rejuvenate in short periods of only 3 to 5 years. 

Other beneficial properties include strength, it's ability to filter air and water and it's antibacterial, a necessity in the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment. Bamboo will biodegrade naturally in just a few years.

Re-using and recycling is another option for ordering your lanyards. This comes in the form of either PET or rPET. 

PET is short for Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a strong, lightweight and often transparent plastic. Due to its unique properties, PET is one of the most commonly used plastics. Water bottles are an example of PET plastics which means they can be heated, melted and cooled and recycled.

rPET stands for recycled PET, the key difference is that the plastic content in rPET has been recycled once or many times before. In the recycling process, plastic is collected, cleaned and remade into products. Through reuse and a reduction in carbon emissions during production, rPET can be considered a more sustainable choice. Technically, anything made from PET can be replaced with rPET.

To summarise, PET plastic can be recycled and is therefore more sustainable than other plastics whereas with rPET products the plastic has already been recycled from other PET items.

Make an impact with our range of eco-friendly lanyards and help reduce our effect on the environment. We have bamboo and rPET lanyards collections in 15mm and 20mm widths.

Here at Promotions Only Lanyards we are continually seeking new products that are recyclable or contain sustainable materials. We are conscious of our contribution to the environment and we will continue to source and provide products that reduce our footprint. We only supply quality lanyards so you can be assured that you will get maximum exposure from advertising.

Give us ring to get great prices, customise your lanyards by choosing your ribbon colour and upload your artwork.

You can add your bespoke attachments such as retractable card reels and don't forget card holders.

For more eco-friendly products please take a look at our promotional gifts sites Promotions Only Gifts or Luxury Promotional Gifts.

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