Collection: Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Eco-friendly lanyards are an important factor to consider when ordering lanyards. We all like to think that we are doing what we can when it comes to the environment. We therefore have a collection of options for you to consider as an environmental solution for your next order of lanyards.

Available in 15mm and 20mm width we have recycled rPET printed lanyards which are manufactured using recycled bottles. These flat lanyards can be custom printed with the colour of your choice and your added logo or message.

We can supply from stock, and therefore available for next day delivery, 16mm retractable plain rPET lanyards, again manufactured from recycled bottles and you can attach id cards or keys for a convenient and handy solution.

Our Bamboo lanyards range are produced from the natural fibres of the plant, which can grow up to 100cm in 24 hours. These are available in 15mm and 20mm sizes and can be fully customised with specific colours and added logos.

Due to our personal commitment we are working extensively with our suppliers to ensure that we provide our customers with environmental solutions for their requirements.

The lanyards we offer are high quality products and selected to provide you with the best value for money. We take pride in the longevity of our eco-friendly lanyards and the value of our service, so please consider Promotions Only Lanyards for your next order.

Don't forget to order any card holders and additional accessories that you may need, many of which are also available with eco-friendly options and next day delivery

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