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Promotional Lanyards - Advertising Doesn't Need To Be Expensive

Lanyards are everywhere, so why not add your own design and customise yours. Add logos and messages with your own corporate ribbon colours to widen your brand recognition and make that all important company impression. 

Promotional lanyards can be used as part of any corporate uniform as well as any dress code. With your unique branding a sense of unity and consistency can be created. 

The more employees wear your corporate lanyards the more exposure your brand will get and can easily be part of your commercial strategy to increase awareness.

Promotional lanyards are inexpensive and because they are also functional they are a simple way to advertise and open up new client possibilities. 

From security to identification, lanyards are versatile and are a key tool for your business.

Quality makes a difference, make sure your employees have the best tools available to promote your brand. That's why here at Promotions Only Lanyards we only source the best products ensuring exceptional value for money.

Recently added, we now have available Anti-Microbial full colour lanyards in 15mm or 20mm widths or PVC lanyards and both can be used in environments that need to be sterile. We also have eco-friendly options so be sure to check out these too. 

We have many attachments and accessories options including hooks, clips, carabiner, mobile phone holders, connectors and safety breakaways so why 'make do' with standard lanyards. 

Lastly, don't forget card holders, again we have a large range to pick from in different colours or clear and can be PVC or Rigid, vertical or horizontal to suit your requirements.

We are confident that with our industry leading delivery times we can provide you with all your promotional lanyards needs ensuring that your brand is making the right impression.  

Got a question or like to find out more about  Promotions Only Lanyards then email or give us a call on 01256 880019.

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