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Bamboo Printed Lanyards 15mm Flat

Bamboo Printed Lanyards 15mm Flat

Pricing For This Product is Based On Individual Requirements, Please Contact Us With Your Enquiry.

This Product has a Minimum Quantity of 300

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Bamboo printed lanyards, 15mm width. This eco friendly lanyard is made from bamboo which is a natural fibre. No toxic materials such as petroleum are used in the production process. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and can grow up to 100cm in a 24 hour period.

We are making a conscious effort to be an environmentally aware company. All the inks used to print our Lanyards are environmentally friendly.

Sizes available: 15mm, 20mm

Minimum order 300

Please call us for pricing as prices are constantly changing.

Lanyard colours - We can pantone match your lanyard to any colour required.

Lead time for bamboo printed lanyards - Approx 2 weeks

Please note that the photo of the lanyard is our 20mm bamboo lanyard with additional attachments. Please call us for cost of additional attachments.

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