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Bamboo Printed Lanyards 20mm flat

Bamboo Printed Lanyards 20mm flat

Pricing For This Product is Based On Individual Requirements, Please Contact Us With Your Enquiry.

This Product has a Minimum Quantity of 300

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Bamboo printed lanyards 20mm flat, an eco-friendly option. No toxic materials such as petroleum are used in the production process. Bamboo is a natural fibre and one of the fastest growing plants on earth and can grow up to 100cm in a 24 hour period.

We are making a conscious effort to be an environmentally aware company. All the inks used to print our Lanyards are environmentally friendly.

Sizes available: 15mm, 20mm

Minimum order 300

Please call us for pricing as prices are constantly changing.

Lanyard colours - We can pantone match your lanyard to any colour required.

Lead time for bamboo printed lanyards - Approx 2 weeks

Please note that the photo of the lanyard is our 20mm bamboo lanyard with additional attachments. Please call us for cost of additional attachments.

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